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  • National Tourism Award 2015 – 2016; Second Prize Category 01
  • National Tourism Award 2014 – 2015; First Prize Category 01
  • National Tourism Award 2013-2014 - Best Tourism Promotion Publicity Material
  • National Tourism Award 2012-2013 - First Prize Category 02
  • National Tourism Award 2011-2012 - First Prize Category 03
  • World Travel Award 2014; Asia's Leading Leisure Travel Company
  • National Tourism Award 2013; First Prize Category II
  • National Tourism Award 2012; First Prize Category III
  • World Travel Award 2012; Asia's Leading Inbound Tour Company
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Travel World Experiences

  • Travel World Experiences or TWX is synonymous with creativity, care & attention that revolve around each travel experience it creates. At TWX, we are not just a tour & travel company, but we actually are a group that is passionate about travelling, exploring and experiencing itself. And when we travelled, we found interesting destinations; we checked on hotels quality and discovered new things of interest. This knowledge in turn facilitated to make your travel a memorable experience.

    At the heart of traveller!
  • During the past many years, our collection of services has been considerably extended together with our geographical spread – we now have international offices serving prominent countries of the world namely Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain & UK. We hold authorized status from the appropriate bodies in every location where we operate. We've built our business by providing professional & reliable services and that's the reason why a vast majority of our clients have patronized us for years.